Femtaur Monday #9!

Every Monday I will do a quick post, spotlighting a special Femtaur.  They could be from Lore, friendly Forumers, Tweetaurs, or even from my very own character list :3


The Khadgar Femtaur Family

Today I will be highlighting:

The Femtaur of WoW TCG!


Druid cause Chickenmeese

A few weeks ago Hubby and I decided that we would try out a trading card game.  Since we are familiar with World of Warcraft, we decided to start our experience with Class Starter Decks from Cryptozoic.


Hubby picked a Rogue

We printed out a huge book of rules and have learned slowly but surely.  We enjoy playing games together versus against each other so we even picked up three of the Dungeon Decks.


Yay Cookie!


Mograine is stylin’ in his fancy tabard :3


The one dungeon dude that we haven’t been able to beat with just 2 decks :(

One of the things that has struck me the most is the art.  It’s beautiful and, even in the short time I’ve played this, I’ve found some favorites:


From Hubby’s deck. A (I like to imagine) Femtaur Chickenmoose, Oruk, like Annabee!


Super amazing Femtaur Druid with Thorns from my Ally Druid Deck.


Super beautiful Chickenmoose, Varah.


Cerwyn the Chickenmoose. I really like the coloring on this one. Like he’s part Tauren with the tan ;)

My most favorite card came from my deck ^.^ As I opened my deck and saw this glorious card, I knew that I was going to like this game.   I give you, Femtaur Lightning Eyes:


Beautifully Energizing

It’s such a simple card but I just find it so beautiful :)  It’s a perfect balance of power, strength, and beauty.

I very much look forward to future WoW TCG Femtaur.  Let me know if you see any!

♥ Aune

PS Godfrey, I’m coming for you -.o

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